Bartlett Wash, Moab

Bartlett Wash is a great/remote alternative to Moab's famous "Slick Rock" trail. If you want to feel like you're out in the middle of nowhere, undisturbed by hordes of people/4wds, then ride this instead of Slick Rock. On top of that, the slick rock that you'll be riding on is layered and terraced which provides for stunning visual candy.
Bartlett Wash Toilet Bowl Drop Video

Ride Type: Slick Rock (no defined trail)
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Distance/Time: However long you want. When the uniqueness of this place starts to wear off, turn around and head back.
Season: Spring/Fall to avoid excessive heat but can be done in the early morning of dead summer.
Recommended Map: Moab West by Latitude 40 (includes Amasa Back, Poison Spider Mesa, Gemini Bridges, Hurrah Pass, Jackson's, Sovereign and many more) 


(scroll over image for full size map)

Getting There: From Moab (Main/Center St.) drive 18 miles north on hwy 191. Turn left onto Blue Hills Rd (just before mile marker 143). Travel 2.4 miles and turn left. Travel 0.8 miles and come to fork. Stay straight (left). This next portion is through a very sandy wash and can get you stuck especially if it's wet. Proceed with caution. You may want to pull off to the side of the road and pedal from here ( I made it in a subaru outback impreza sport in spring). Take your first right after you pass through the wash. You'll climb a bit and then descend and will see a parking lot on the left. Start riding from here. You'll see a fence and a single track that parallels the right hand side of the wash. This goes for a couple hundred yards and then bares hard right. From here the trail climbs up onto the slick rock. Once on the slick rock there are cairns/paint markings. Follow these west which will take you out in a couple miles to the view point shown below.

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