Bike Box

Our Mission Statement: To put Bike Boxes everywhere along popular cycling routes/trailheads in order to keep the cyclist in a bind on the road and trail.

Help us Help Your Organization

Is there a cafe/coffee shop/convenience store where you and your biking buddies start from or stop by while on a ride that would be a good place for Bike Box? If so, let the store know about us, email us, and if a Bike Box ends up there, we'll send you a stocking stuffer (tube,CO2). Additionally, a portion of all proceeds are contributed to charity/cycling advocacy. We could donate this portion to your club/organization and place your website on the actual Bike Box and on our website which has a national audience.

To Prospective Bike Box Homes

Having a Bike Box strengthens your relationship with your existing cycling clientele while attracting new and loyal customers. Contact Us:

Bike Box Contents
Bike Boxes contain cycling essentials (tubes,patch kits, CO2, energy supplements, and more) We have standard Bike Boxes and custom boxes made to order. Email for further information.

Working together with Local Bike Shops Help us achieve the goal of making cycling more convenient by placing Bike Boxes along your favorite ride routes and near trailheads. It's a great way to advertise your shop. We will  advertise your Bike Box locations along with your shop on  Additionally, if you're interested in placing a vending machine somewhere, let us know as we have time and money saving tips to offer(recicprocal advertisement please)

We are now making custom Bike Boxes depicting the specific location's culture and habitat.

Mtn Panorama Edition

Vermont Covered Bridge Edition

Blue Star Coffee and Juice Cafe SLC,UT

80's Retro Hair Salon Box

Wicker Basket imported from exotic region of east asia

 "Avg. Joe" style
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