Diamond Fork Cyn 3 Forks

One sweet ride. Four or so miles of climbing next to a creek and five or so miles of downhill next to a creek and hot springs! This is a very nice area. You'll watch the singletrack change from the color orange to brown and back again. You won't see a lot of mtn bikers as the locale is off the beaten path. If you are road tripping between Utah and Colorado, this is a great place to camp and ride on your way up to Salt Lake or on your way down to Moab. Besides several river crossings and some steep ledges, the single track is flowy and not too technical. I'd say any technical aspect to this ride is attributed to the frequent short/steep climbing segments. It's a really beautiful ride coupled with a good workout.

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Ride Type:
Single Track Loop with roughly 5 miles of road connecting the uphill and downill segments of singletrack. Not too technical besides the few creek crossings and exposure on some of the turns.

Distance: 15.14 mi
Elevation Gain/Loss: 2119/2080 ft
Time: 2.5-4.5 hrs
Season: June-September

Getting There:
From Salt Lake, take the Price exit (US-6). Once you enter the canyon (windmill farm) travel around 5 miles and turn left on Diamond Fork Rd. From Moab/Colorado, once you hit the city of Price, you'll climb up hwy 6 for about 30 minutes to the summit. About 20 minutes down the other side of the summit look for Diamond Fork Rd. on your right  You'll then travel for 10 miles on Diamond Fork Rd. and take a right across the river into the "3 Forks" parking lot. Ride from the parking lot thru the gate (bathrooms on left), take an immediate right thru another gate. You then cross the creek (probably going to get wet) There will be a couple creek crossings at the beginning but don't worry, it flows. At mile 4.5 you'll see a gravel road/dt, stay on the steep single track to the left. Take this for about a 1.5 miles until you hit the road. Hang a left on the and ride the road for 4.8 miles or so and look for a fence on the left and "trail 015". You'll now ride double track for about a mile. Then it's time for the nice singletrack downhill along the river. Half way down look for the hot springs (man arranged rock pools) on your left. Ride next to the river the whole way down. Feel the warm air and smell the sulfur the whole way down. Take a left after you cross the foot bridge and remain on single track back to the car. Job well done:)

Camping: Many campsites along Diamond Fork Rd

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(Taken from Ray's Valley Rd...just off the side of the road)

(Trail 015 entrance)
Hope you have a great ride!
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