Gemini Bridges Deluxe!

(Little Canyon Rim)
Before Spring 2011, the Gemini Bridges ride was ridden mostly as a shuttle that consisted of great views but no single track (only dirt roads). This has all changed for the better. With the inception of the Magnificent 7 singletrack, you now have 5 or so miles of sweet desert singletrack incorporated in this ride. Moreover, the ride described here turns the ride into a loop and also includes "Little Canyon Rim", a great addition that includes a climb up slick rock to the top and edge of a giant cliff that gives you views of the valley below and the La Sal mountain range in the different. The ride described here is an all day event.
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Ride Type: Loop utilizing dirt roads, single track and slick rock
Distance: 26.50 mi
Elevation Gain: 26.48 ft
Time: 4.5-7 hrs
Season: Spring & Fall to avoid extreme heat
Recommended Map: Moab West by Latitude 40 (includes Amasa Back, Poison Spider Mesa, Gemini Bridges, Hurrah Pass, Jackson's, Sovereign and many more) 


Getting There: Head north out of town 10.2 miles on hwy 191. Look for Gemini Bridges sign and parking on left. Follow dirt road south out of parking lot. Road paralells 191 for a mile or so then turns right and starts to climb up. At 2 miles you'll crest the top of the hill and drop into a secluded valley. At mile 5.0 follow signs to "Gemini Bridges by climbing dusty road (Gold Bar Rim to left is where you'll come out at end of ride). At mile 6.3 take a right and follow signs to Metal Masher ("MM" on sign posts). At mile 7.47 turn right following "MM" signs. At mile 9 you'll come to a fork. The "MM" sign is to the left (you'll come out this way). Go straight/right and soon you'll find painted white dots that you'll follow all the way to the top of Little Canyon Rim. About half way up, you'll notice that the white paint points left/down and right/up. Follow the dots that continue to cliimb up. The one to the left is what you'll take on the way down. When you are close to the top you may want to leave your bike and walk the last couple of hundred yards to the rim. The rim is a great place to have lunch. Heading back down take a right at the painted junction (described above). Follow the painted dots downhill. At mile 13.2 you'll arrive at the junction (mile 9 above). Continue out on the same road that you came in on. At 14.8 miles, hang a left and travel back down to the 3 way intersection (16.05 mi) and turn right following signs to Gemini Bridges.

Camping: campsites are everywhere. Note that there are some campsites in this area that require you to have a honey bucket (your own porta potty). Always camp in an established aka "already used" campsite. Leave no new trace by camping on other people's existing traces.

Personal GPS Map of my ride coming soon!

(Magnificent 7 single track)

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