Eagles Nest Outfitter SingleNest Hammock: The SingleNest is about the size of a softball when packed and allows backpackers the luxury of hammock camping without the bulk and weight.

  • Assorted "earth colors" include: Navy/Olive, Navy/Forest, Khaki/Olive, Teal/Khaki, Tomato/Khaki, Khaki/Silver/Olive, Charcoal/Roya
  • Assorted "bright colors" include: Navy/Royal, Red/Charcoal, Orange/Gray, Powder Blue/Blue, Navy/Yellow, Rasta, Purple/Teal 
    • Due to Popularity,  color preferences CANNOT be guaranteed. In other words, chances are you're not going to get the color you want. One thing we can guarantee is if you want a "Bright" or an "Earth Color"
    • Mr. Bike Box's Take:  After a long day's hike, lounging in one of these will make your day.


  • High Grade Nylon Triple Interlocking Stiching
  • High Strength Breathable Woven Nylon
  • Super Strong Nautical Grade Line
  • Maximum Weight 400lbs
  • Dimensions: 4' 7" x 9' 10"
  • Weight: 18oz
  • Slap Strap (OC1203) must be purchased separately (see Slap Strap at bottom of this page)
  • Price: $54.95


    Eagles Nest Outfitter SlapStrap PRO

    The SlapStrap Pro makes it easy to hang an Eagles Nest Hammock just about anywhere; in the backyard, at the campsite, on a boat, on a deck or wherever.

    SlapStrap Pro

    • Quick setup, fast take down with no knots to untie or cut
  • Completly adjustable straps are 9' 6" long
  • Soft, UV-treated nylon webbing is 0.75" wide
  • Wght/Dims: .5 lbs. 5 x 3.25 x 2
  • : .5 lbs. 5 x 3.25 x 2
  • Price: $24.95

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