Hardesty (Oakridge,OR)

Hardesty is a mini version of the Alpine Trail. Meaning it's a RAD Ride! The downhill (6 miles) is not as long but is as fun in its' own way. It's more technical because it's steeper. Like Alpine Trail, most of it is smooth and buff. After riding Alpine, I didn't think anything ridden this shortly thereafter could bring as big a smile to my face...but it did!

List of Other Killer Rides

If you're tired from riding some other Oakridge epic ride earlier in the day, shuttle it. If you're looking to earn your turns and want a great workout, start out climbing on fire road 5840 (right off hwy 58 about 10 miles west of Oakridge). Once you hit single track, you have a bit more of climbing to go until the fun starts.

Getting There: Fire Road 5840 is about 10 miles west of town on the south side of hwy 58. Park and start the ride here or drive up the fire road to the single track. Fire road 5840 peaks out at a junction of fire roads. Hang a right on fire road 550 and take this for just under 2 miles where it dead ends into the start of the single track

Camping: Campgrounds everywhere including along the reservoir across the street. Obey all signs and find out if you are able to have a fire/propane

Trail Maps: Oakridge Oregon Adventure Map

scroll over map for full size image

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