McKenzie River Trail

Ranked by many magazines as the #1 mtn. bike trail in America, the McKenzie River Trail doesn't live up to its' ranking. It's a nice trail but by no means is #1. It's a meandering trail that winds through beautiful forests past beautiful water falls and emerald pools. Too much meandering is my critique. There is no sustained climbs or downhills leaving the thrill seeker empty after the ride. That being said it is beautiful and worthwhile if in the area. This is a great ride if you are tired from days of riding and just want to keep on the bike to make the best of your mtn. bike vacation. I rode the top 12 miles of the trail down to Trail Bridge Reservoir (best part of trail from what I hear) and rode back to my car on the road. The total length of the trail is around 26 miles. Most of the trail is buff single track. If possible, SHUTTLE THIS RIDE. Other suggestions: Don't ride around the EAST side of Clear Lake. It's not worth it despite reviews on many websites recommending to do so. It's a a mix of volcanic rock hacked up with an old paved path that makes for frustration. Many other riders I've met concur with this assessment.

List of Other Killer Rides

(Buff Single Track)

How to get there: (directions soming soon)

Camping: Plenty of Camp Sites along the River and Lake (see map below)

(Emerald Pools)

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