Ribbon Trail-Lunch Loops

(Ribbon Trail view from shuttle road)

See that ribbon of slick rock. You'll be riding down that. One cool thing about the southwest is that no desert looks alike and no slick rock rides alike. Even though similar, the desert slick rock of Gooseberry, Moab, Fruita and Grand Junction are markedly different. The Ribbon Trail is one unique piece of slick rock. It's a slab of smooth slick rock that runs for a mile holding a pitch that makes you feel like you're skiing on a bike. A one of a kind experience and FUN! for sure. The Ribbon Trail dumps you into a fabulous network of trails called the Lunch Loops which happen to sit on the doorstep of Grand Junction, CO.

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Ride Type: Shuttle. It's a Slick Rock Slab connected to a vast network of very technical single track that makes its way down to the valley floor. The Lunch Loops can be very challenging and frustrating for some as there are many obstacles that may require intermediates and experts to get off and walk/hike. If you do the Ribbon Trail, you are pretty much committed to do doing the lunch loops 
Distance: 9.29 mi (Ribbon-Gunny Loop (lower/left section)-Tabeguache-Holy Cross-Ali Ali-Kurts)
Elevation Gain/Loss: 713/2673 ft
Time: 2.5 hrs-all day depending how many loops you perform in the Lunch Loops
Season: Spring & Fall to avoid excessive Heat. Otherwise, start early if in summer.Winter if it's not freezing/snow
Recommended Map: Fruita, Grand Jct by Latitude 40. (
Includes Fruita, Kokopelli Loops, Lunch Loops, Ribbon Trail, Rabbit Valley and more)

(Getting Ready to Ski Slick Rock)

(A couple shredders carve the slick rock)

Getting There: From I-70 West, take the Grand Jct/Hwy 50 exit and take a right (south). Travel about 6 miles and hang a right on Broadway (state road 340). From I-70 East, once in Grand Jct, take the 27 Rd exit. Turn left, travel west on 27Rd/12 St for about 4 miles. Turn right on to Grand Ave which turns into Broadway after about a mile. Continue on Broadway (340) and cross over two bridges, at the next stop light turn left on to Monument Road, follow the signs to the Colorado National Monument, go approximately 1.5 miles, there will be a large gravel parking lot on the left marked with a BLM sign for the Tabeguache Trail. Back track with your shuttle car 1.5 miles down the road and hang a right onto D road. This "T"s into Rosevale Rd. Hang a right and travel for another 1.5 miles or so and take a right on Little Park Rd. Climb Little Park Rd. for about 8 or so miles (might be 10) and look for the Ribbon Trail sign on the right. Here you are! Take a breath and get ready for some fun. 

Ride Directions:The trailhead starts to the left of the bathroom. Follow the sandy double track into a wash and up on to a piece of slick rock. There are few signs (paddle markers) along the Ribbon Trail portion, so keep your eye on and follow any tire tracks in front of you (don't worry the signage gets way better once you get into the Lunch Loops). The Slick Rock slope ends after about 1-2 miles and dumps you in a wash in a canyon. Follow the single track that crosses the wash until mile 3.06 where you'll come to your first well defined junction. Go left across the wash. Shortly, you'll come to another junction (Left=Andy's..heard that's a buzz kill). Take the right and climb/hike for about 0.5 miles up to and cross the road and get on the single track. Shortly there after, you'll come to the Gunny Jct (left and right options). Take Gunny to the left (heard to the right is sweet and not as difficult ie. more flowy). Stay left and head down into the gully that seperates you from the road. The trail climbs out of the gully and hits Little Park road at mile 4.44. Hang a left uphill. About 100 yards on your right is a gate that leads to the Tabeguache trailhead entrance. This a great place to orient yourself as there is a Big Ol Trailmap here. Shortly pass here, turn right onto Holy Cross. Follow Holy Cross trail thru all junctions including at mile 5.21. At mile 7.21 you'll be in a meadow and come to a junction. Stay straight and at mile 7.54 take a left (Miramonte Jct...I think:). Shortly thereafter, take a left on to Ali Ali. At around mile 7.99 you'll come to a jct. Head straight and follow signt to  "Kurt's" back to the parking lot. Total mileage: 9.29 mi. Note: These are pretty good directions for my ride but the place is so vast and full of trail junctions that these directions might not be exact.

Enter the Lunch Loops (Holy Cross)
The Lunch Loop Trails are well marked with signposts at every junction. However, don't let well signed/traveled trails fool you into thinking it's a piece of cake. This place is a technical paradise.

(Holy Cross)

(Tight trail thru boulder overhang. Boo Ya Boonty)

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