Waldo Lake Oregon

One of the cool things about Waldo Lake is that it's so close to Oakridge yet it's so different. Oakridge is a patch of lush pacific northwest rain forest where as Waldo Lake has a high desert/Lake Tahoe feel. Putting the descriptions aside, Waldo Lake has some really cool rides that provide a little bit of everything. Sweet single track, stiff climbs, and killer views all centered around one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in the world. It's a great way point between a Oakridge and Bend if you are road tripping. There's also Willamette nearby which provides lift access downhill riding
List of Other Killer Rides

Ride Type: Single Track Loop (Ride to the Twins described here)
Distance: 15.68 mi
Elevation Gain/Loss: 2172 ft
Time: 3-5 hrs
Season: Late Spring-Fall
Trail Maps: Oakridge Oregon (Adventure Maps)

(Sweet Shot of some road bikers making there way up to Waldo Lake)

Getting There: From Bend 2hrs
(click here), From Oakridge 50 minutes (click here) 
The route descibed here starts near the North Waldo Lake Campground where the road bisects Trail 3593.There's a little pull out and some water (I think) here. Travel up3593 to Charlton Lake. Take a right at the lake to get on the Charlton Lake trail which takes you along the south side of the lake up to the junction of the Metolius-Windigo/Twins Trail Jct. Take a right on the Twins and climb a little over 2 miles to the ridge of the Twins. Now the fun begins. You've got about 3 miles of downhill (Twins-3595). It's by no means a hardcore downhill but it does provide pleasure. Once you hit the road, hang a right and travel about a 1/4 of mile and take a left on trail 5896. Take this for a half mile down towards the lake. Take a right on trail 3590 and ride undulating single track for 5 or so miles until you hit the road. Take a right on the road and ride back to your car. Note: This was a great ride but if I remember correctly, it probably is even better riding it in the opposite direction. Do your homework!

(Some buff single track along the lake)

(Charlton Lake)

(Meadow on the way to the Twins)

(Sand..Signs of a desert)
(Sweet climbing segment near the top)

(The Twins. Ya , I could have had a better shot for the website. We saw mtn bike tracks coming off the very top. Someone must of taken a big downhill rig and cut a line)
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