Youngs Rock - Willamete

This ride encompasses a nice downhill (Youngs Rock aka Moon Point) along with a nice section of the middle fork of the Willamette River. There is plenty more miles of singletrack along the Willamette but five miles for me was definitely enough to experience what it has to offer. I believe the upper sections are bit more technical and not as flowy (check with the bike shop). Even though the downhill is about 6 miles long, I would suggest you shuttle this ride as the downhill, albeit fun, is not worth riding up the long gravel road.

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Trail Maps: Oakridge Oregon Adventure Map

Camping: Just pick a dirt road and drive up until you see a good spot. Be mindful of where you can and can't have a fire/propane.

Food: I did the camping thing but did eat at a Mexican Restaurant on the south side of hwy 58 (back off the street) in Oakridge. It was really good. I think it's called Matzatlan. There's a pizza place on the north side of the main street that's supposed to be decent.

Getting There From Oakridge drive a mile east out of town on hwy 58 and take a right on Kitson Springs/Hills Creek rd. Travel about a half mile and take a right on Diamond Drive-Road 21. Drive around 19 miles. Right around Youngs Flat Campground (on your right) will be Road 2129 on your left. Park one shuttle car here. Shuttle the next car up the gravel road for 9.5 miles. It's wise to have a map as there are many splits in the road and one of the crucial signed turns is confusing. I think you follow the signage to "Moon Point" or it might state "Youngs Rock". Once you start riding, you'll come to a jct in about a mile. Go right for the 0.3 mi out n back to Moon Point for some views. Then come back and hang a right on the trail. Time for the descent. At the bottom, turn left on the road and ride up the road about a half mile looking for a bridge on your right that crosses the river. Cross the river and look for the "Middle Fork Tr." You'll see from the garmin map below that after crossing the river there was a little confusion on our part as we spotted a single track that looked like it followed the river but eventually dead ended. To avoid this mistake, after crossing the river, hang a right on the dirt road and stay on this for about a half mile. You'll see from the garmin map that once the dirt road bears left, we went right. This is where the single track starts. Ride for about 5 miles along the middle fork of the Willamette. You'll then come to bridge that crosses back over the river to the road. Hang a right on the road and ride a mile to your car on the left (Road 2129).

(jct of Moon Point out n back)

(Giant of the Middle Fork of the Willamette)
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